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Chalet staff

Switzerland can be very expensive, and may put a lot of people off working here for a season, especially if you are planning to go straight to the resort to find work when you get here. This why we are here, to take care of all the staff you need, from airport transfer, personal drivers, Chefs, hosts, housekeepers, nannies, ski instructors, personal assistants, helicopters, or anything else you might think of. Switzerland in general has something for everyone, and is a good all rounder. Including some of the most challenging skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, Switzerland famous resorts are a great place for season workers looking for a challenging resort with a good party style atmosphere. We also offer jobs for famous ski resorts in France. The resorts we operate in are world-class, the skiing is phenomenal and the staff accommodation is carefully selected.

Yacht crew

With years of experience in the luxury service field, our consultants are highly skilled recruiters, attracting a wide range of hospitality professionals for yachts, jets and ski resorts. We are meeting experienced candidates daily, so we already have a full database of candidates who have been met, interviewed and referenced, and who are available for immediate interview. This allows us to move quickly and arrange interviews at your earliest convenience, resulting in a successful placement every time. Our business is constantly growing through personal recommendation, which is the best visit card business.

Private Jets Crew

Our service model has been to develop a database of top candidates with relevant experience to meet the high demands of our clients. This comprehensive and vast database ensures wherever your need is, be it permanent or freelance crew, we can provide them with minimum delay and according to your demands. Speed of reaction is one of our core principles and our database search facilities are custom designed to shortlist the best candidates against clients’ specific needs. Add to this unsurpassed knowledge and experience of VIP and corporate flying and you have a partner who can provide all your recruitment needs to the standards you expect.

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