Private yachts

Yacht vacations are ones of the most unforgettable experiences you could have. A private yacht can take you to the most exotic destinations around the world, traveling in unparalleled luxury, benefiting from seven class service. A personalised holiday, a relaxing experience, will create unique memories both for you, and your guests. Offer yourself the freedom that no other vacation can have it.

Merakki prides itself with excellent international partners. With an extensive network of experts, we have access to the main yachts available on the international market (over 1,700 ships worldwide). Our team individually chooses each yacht from our luxury collection, ensuring the quality and excellence of our services at each step.

We offer you a wide range of luxury ships: Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans, with highly trained professionals. We offer yachts to accommodate from 2 to 28 guests, so, no matter how big, or small ,your party is, we can offer you the right yacht. You can choose a private yacht, or a charter that offers the same accommodation capacity, or a catamaran, perfect for family trips, spacious and very stable in the water, with the ability to anchor very close to the beach.

For more information about booking a private yacht, we are at your disposal by email:

[email protected]

or by phone, at:

+41 76 688 64 63

We reserve the right to select our clients, the financial aspect not being the only defining one. Thank you for understanding.