Privacy policy

MeRRAKI commits itself not to transfer the personal data in the platform to third parties, unless otherwise stated by law.

MeRRAKI makes sure personal data management will abide by Swiss Law on data protection and commits itself to share the personal data entered into the secured platform either about the contractor or her employee (name, address, birth date, AHV number, marital status, work permit, etc.) only to the relevant social compensation offices, institutions and cantonal tax authorities.

Notably, MeRRAKI needs the data to deliver its trust service (declaration and insurance of the employees, along with payment of social contributions). By signing this contract with MeRRAKI, contractors agree with the above mentioned goals and management of their personal data. The MeRRAKI has to keep data about the employer (name, address, email, phone number, birth date, gender, employer’s number and cleaning details) to abide by the Swiss compensation offices checks and to deliver its trust service properly. Users can therefore not change or remove the data they provided when booking because of the employer relationship. In case of retroactive check from one or several compensation offices, MeRRAKI needs to keep the above mentioned user data for 10 years.

The contractor can however unsubscribe from the company’s newsletter by opting out at the bottom of any sent newsletter email.

MeRAKKI also raises the point that each platform user can be held liable for the protection of data she accessed via the platform and that Swiss Law about data protection applies, regardless of the country she is located in.

For all questions regarding the privacy or GDPR compliance, please send an email to [email protected]