Luxury Services

Merakki welcomes its high class customers with 17 years of experience in The States and Switzerland, by offering impeccable services, tailored requests, according to the wishes of each client.

Luxury chalets

The chalets in our portfolio are voted Top 10 worldwide. They are part of a closed circuit, the access to these locations being made with very rigorous selections. Our clients include well-known celebrities such as Madonna, Robbie Williams, Forbes figures, international political figures. Our meticulous choices, backed by solid relationships with the owners, have allowed us to build a unique network of customers, with access to an attractive and exclusive collection of properties, each carefully selected for its stunning, refined location. services and distinctive approach.

Private jets

Whether you want a flight full of adrenaline, or a relaxing one, our team will design a unique journey for you. We offer flexibility in airport services, use of private terminals, and complete customer services, from aircraft assistance, to limousine rental, hotel reservations for passengers. We can design any type of dream vacation.

Private yachts

Your yacht vacation must be the most unforgettable experience you can have. A private yacht can take you to the most exotic destinations, traveling in unparalleled luxurious worlds, with truly seven stars class services. Create lifetime lasting unique memories, both for you and your guests, treat yourself with special time that no other vacation can offer.

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We reserve the right to select our clients, being an exclusive service.
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