How do I make a booking?

Booking our services is very easy:

  • Start entering your location
  • Give us a few details about the service required
  • Add your details and pay online securely.
  • A confirmation will be sent to you.
  • You are ready to go!

To start your booking, click here!


How many hours can I book?

You can book service for minimum 3 hours per session, and up to 45 h per week, as per law. We do not offer any service above the legal number of working hours.

How do I book the time and date I want?

Select the service you need, extras and frequency and then check all availabilities. Pick the date and time you want. Not all time slots are available because the system displays the live availabilities of the helpers in your area.

How does the pricing work?

Prices displayed are for one standard service hour and are based on a number of hours – minimum 3 hours – multiplied by the hourly price. Your price includes VAT and all tax.

Do I need to stay at home for the booking?

For the regular service, you must be home only for the first time. You do not need to stay at home afterwards. You select the way your helper will get the key by mentioning this at the end of your booking process.

Can I make special instructions?

Yes, you can make special instructions and customize your service any way you want. During the booking process, you can enter your special requests. Feel free to contact us to help us accommodate and tailor your service exactly the way you want.

How do I edit a booking?

For the time being,  must contact us at [email protected] to change a booking.

What happens after I made a booking?

Once payment is made and confirmed, we will send you an email stating your booking is confirmed and your assigned helper will show up on time and do the service according to your specifications. All helper’s details will be sent to you by email – work permit, ID, contact number.

How do I reschedule a booking?

You can reschedule a booking by contacting us at [email protected]

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel your booking at least 48 hours before the service execution, by contacting us at [email protected]

If you want to cancel your whole regularly scheduled contract, please contact us.

You can still cancel a session in less than 48 hours, but a cancellation fee will be applied and you will be charged for 3 hours of service.

After this, the service will be charged in full.

Can I change the number of hours I booked?
  1. You can change the number of hours you booked by contacting us at [email protected].
How do I change the extra on my booking?

You can change the extra on your booking by contacting us at [email protected].

Can I change the address of my booking?

You can change the address of your booking by contacting us at [email protected].

How do I change the frequency of my regularly scheduled bookings?

You can change the frequency of your regularly scheduled bookings by contacting us at [email protected]

Can I book help for multiple addresses?

Yes, you can. Our system offers you the maximum of flexibility and you can have regular or one-time bookings in various locations.

How soon can I book?

At the moment, you can book nanny service 72 hours in advance.

What about if I am not satisfied with the service?

Upon proof of poor service, no show, we will fully reimburse you in maximum 48 hours. In case of any type of damages, we will inform our insurance company immediately, and make sure that you will be reimbursed, or get a replacement for the damage. In case of theft, our company cannot be hold responsible, but we fully support our customers, with all detailed information requested regarding the employee.

Who is the employer of the helper?

MeRAKKI is the employer of all helpers.

How forward can I book?

You can book maximum 1 year forward.