About us

Choose Merakki because we have families we care about more than anything, just like you do.

We understand your worries and concerns when looking for a domestic help.

Our employees are truly subject to a detailed selection process:

We define Merakki as service with a heart, each client is an individual jewel deserving the best. With an experience of over 17 years on the international scene, and SECO licensed, Merakki offers a full range of customer services, from taking care of you home, to tailoring your dream vacation anytime, anywhere. With an impressive portfolio of clients coming from extremely demanding environments, Merakki is the market leader in its field, and the only Swiss company offering seven stars services directly through its own employees.

The worldwide experience helps us offer both customers, and employees, a different experience, based on safety, trust and guaranteed quality, starting from the simplest questions that should make anyone think of: Who do you trust to take care of your home? Who do you entrust the life of your babies with? Who do you highly pay to organise a perfectly detailed vacation, a safe flight, a dream yacht holiday, who do you give the power to organise the quality and privacy of your life?

Why Merakki?

Because we have the experience and powerful partners to provide impeccable services. We understand the needs of each client, exact requirements, extravagances, we know what discretion means and we understand luxury. We work close with clients to meet their tailored needs, and also to help them understand the importance of hiring a legal service: no risk of huge fines or lawsuits.

When it comes to you home, no matter if it is a nanny, or cleaner, an online preliminary application where candidates must answer a series of questions and upload a video presentation of themselves is obligatory. A personal interview, with one of our consultants, in French, German, Italian or English, where we check the criminal record, education, experience is mandatory before hiring anyone. We check each reference before hiring a domestic helper. The same applies to anyone serving you during your stay in a luxurious chalet, on a private yacht vacation, or jet. We always select only people of high quality and experience, complying with our company’s standards, and who can successfully cope with demanding requirements.

Our team

Our team members are our greatest asset.

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of smart, capable experts. As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for excellent work for our clients and partners. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to marketing and the results it delivers.

We create better ways for people to form unforgettable connections with lasting impact. Our consultants are the biggest investment, because the extraordinary results are given by capable and intelligent people. In our team we share the same professional values ​​and a common passion in obtaining excellent results in relation to our clients and partners. We have created a team and workspaces so that we can be personally involved in every interview and request, because we treat our clients, employees and business with the utmost respect.

Alina Anka Pop

Managing Partner

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Adrian Kalt

Managing Partner

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Carmen Bagi

Operations Manager

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Genoveva Virna

Regional Manager

Deutsche Schweiz

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Christina Pavel

Regional Manager

Suisse Romande

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